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May we thank you for your kind invitation to your very exciting launch night, as usual the quality of your performance and the presentation of the night was wonderful to see, Emma and myself really enjoyed the evening and were honoured to be at the start of your exciting new project.

Bridgtown Band have had a connection with many of your members for well over 10 years and we have performed and shared a stage together home and abroad more times than I can remember.

I have had the pleasure of watching many or your members over the years take their first tentative steps on stage, but with an abundance of enthusiasm to quell the nerves, they never fail to deliver exciting, professional performances.

I would like to wish you all at Seasons every success with everything you take on in the years to come and we at Bridgtown Concert Show Band look forward to working with you very soon.

— Shaun Middleton, Bridgtown Concert Show Band —